World Class Benchmarking

A clear-cut, financial tool for chief executives to help management teams to focus on companies’ financial goals.

If you want the reward of a world-class financial strategy for your business, first think about this:

  • Are the finances of your company complicated and hard for your non-financial people to understand?
  • Are the unclear or shifting financial goals of your company causing frustration?
  • Do the non-financial team members get overwhelmed when your finance people talk about different measures and abbreviations?

Big challenges, aren’t they?

Without an understanding of finance, even great businesses are sure to fail.

Well, we at A. Stotz Investment Research know business is hard, but we believe that the financial aspects should NOT be.

Partners Andrew Stotz (PhD [finance], CFA Thailand president, and co-founder of CoffeeWORKS, a leading fresh coffee roasting company in Thailand), and Sornsak Kongcharoenpanich (MSc in Accounting and MSc in Information Technology), and portfolio strategist Alexander Wetterling, (MSc in Financial Economics, CIPM) have been analyzing businesses for a combined 50 years and have honed those experiences of what works and doesn’t for thousands of companies to create this unique and essential device:

World Class Benchmarking

This simple tool for CEOs to help their management teams focus on the financial goals of their companies is the only one of its kind in the world. It will help you:

  • Take action essential to make your company financially world class with a subscription to our World Class Benchmarking service.
  • Lead the finances of your company from complicated to simple, from scattered to focused, and from individual to team.
  • Solve the disorder and confusion with World Class Benchmarking’s one-page quarterly updated document, which, though a financial advisory product, contains no financial ratios or jargon.
  • Focus your team with World Class Benchmarking and help them to start making business decisions in a financial framework.

World Class Benchmarking is a quarterly subscription service that includes on-site or online training for you and your team.

Further training is delivered through our seminar, How to Make Your Company Financially World Class.

Contact us now to set up training and start making your company financially world class!