A simple, yet complete framework

A simple, yet complete framework for valuing any company in the world.

Consider these. Are you:

  • Feeling drained from building financial models?
  • Under increased cost pressure to find the time and money to build customized company valuation models, one by one?
  • Finding that your one brain and one pair of hands are not enough to expand your coverage?

Never build a financial model again

The A. Stotz Investment Research ValueModel is a financial forecasting and valuation system that can be applied to more than 40,000 listed companies worldwide.

This ready-to-use model allows you to:

  • Rapidly analyze the value of any company in the world
  • Reduce valuation errors
  • Save time
  • Brokers – Increase your coverage
  • Fund managers – Reach investment decisions faster

Designed and developed over decades

The ValueModel addresses nearly every possible scenario an analyst will encounter yet keeps valuation as simple as possible.

  • Analysts need never build a financial model again
  • Companies can dramatically cut the time analysts spend on modelling

The ValueModel is available as a monthly subscription. Training is done online through our Valuation Master Class or live through our seminar, How to Value Any Company in the World. The product comes with an online manual.


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