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For investors wanting to protect and grow their wealth who are frustrated with high fees and financial advisers’ opaque interests. We aim to deliver medium to long-term returns, beating the benchmark, through active stock selection of Asian equities. With our proprietary FVMR methodology and preserve capital strategy we handle the complex process of constructing portfolios and manage your wealth through public fund partnerships.

Our investment research comprises four elements. Before making any recommendation or investment we consider each stock’s attractiveness on those four elements relative to all other investable stocks in the markets we cover.


FUNDAMENTALS – We look at how profitable a company is while the trends in that profitability are a window on management. Profitability tells us whether management policies are having a positive impact, so we look for high or rising profitability.

VALUATION – We consider both absolute and relative valuation to find companies with good fundamentals and cheap prices. Because that perfect combination is rare, we balance valuation with fundamentals.

MOMENTUM – If fundamentals and valuation are favorable, positive momentum in price and earnings would be fantastic. We use momentum to avoid “value traps” (cheap stocks that never move). Though, sometimes low momentum can mean an opportunity.

RISK – We prefer companies that have low business and price risk. Not every stock in our portfolio is included based solely on maximum gain. Some stocks provide a stable return and a high dividend, which contribute to the portfolio’s long-term performance.

We are currently running three portfolios: Asia, ASEAN and Thailand. The ASEAN and Thailand portfolios are used in two public mutual funds managed by a Thai-based asset management company. The Asia portfolio is used in a public mutual fund managed by a Malaysia-based asset management company. This means that you can already invest with our FVMR methodology through mutual funds. For questions or track record just click below.

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