Learn a structured framework to value any company in the world. Quickly analyze a company’s value, reduce valuation errors, and save time.

Faster Analysis Can Mean Higher Returns

Building financial models one-by-one is slow. With this ready-to-use model, you can rapidly value any company in the world. Brokers can increase their coverage and fund managers can reach investment decisions faster. The model can be used on any company and allows you to focus on the parts of valuation that really matter.

Reduce Spreadsheet and Valuation Errors

Most company valuation models are built by the analyst covering the company, however, analysts have varying levels of spreadsheet and modelling skills, meaning your models can contain errors and inconsistencies.
But now you can have one standard, flawless financial model that presents a standard valuation methodology. The ValueModel has been designed and developed over decades, meaning it addresses nearly every possible scenario an analyst will encounter, yet keeps valuation as simple as possible. This helps you avoid spreadsheet and valuation mishaps.

Complete More Company Valuations in Less Time

Too much analyst time is spent on financial models; valuable time that could be spent elsewhere. This gives brokers time to add that edge needed to attract clients with their research. Fund managers can quickly determine whether an investment idea is worth pursuing. With the ValueModel analysts never build a financial model again and you dramatically cut analysts’ time spent on modelling.

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