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Build a Financially World Class company with World Class Benchmarking, which takes the finances of your company from complicated to simple, from scattered to focused, and from individual to team.

From Complicated to Simple

The finances of a company are often complicated and hard to understand. But, without an understanding of finance, great businesses are sure to fail. Business is hard, the financial aspects should not be. World Class Benchmarking helps you to simplify the finances of your business. It is a one-page document, updated once a month, with no financial ratios. This helps your managers to start making business decisions in a financial framework.

From Scattered to Focused

Non-financial team members get overwhelmed when financial people talk about different financial measures. Jumping from one financial measure to another breeds confusion. World Class Benchmarking narrows the finances of your company down to one measure, the ultimate simplification of the finances of your business. That measure includes all the information that matters to make your business Financially World Class. Every team member can understand this one measure, no more frustration and confusion. This helps all team members better understand the financial impact of their business decisions.

From Individual to Team

Unclear or shifting financial goals in a company cause frustration. Individual and department goals cause internal competition. To become world class, you must beat your competitors, not your teammates. The World Class Benchmarking scorecard ranks your company against its global peers.

Everyone understands a scorecard. Like a scorecard in sports the goal is clear to all team members and does not change midgame. This gets all employees aligned behind one financial goal, to become Financially World Class.

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