Improve Your Business

For C-level executives and business owners that aren’t satisfied with being where they are, we offer solutions to improve your business. With World Class Benchmarking you will learn where to improve your financial performance as well as track the progress of your company and your sector peers to increase the value of your business. We support this service with independent business valuations and executive education of Dr. Deming’s management philosophy. Unlike other management tools we handle the complexity for you, provide you with easy-to-understand information so you can focus on improving your business.


WORLD CLASS BENCHMARKING – For CEOs that want to improve their business, who are dissatisfied with the complexity of mainstream financial benchmarking. World Class Benchmarking is a simple product that keeps your management team focused on one measure that matters for the value of your company. Unlike other benchmarking products, which use financial ratios and compare you to just a few companies, our product is easy to understand, yet comprehensive, rating your company against its global peers. Improving this one number is proven to increase the value of your company.


BUSINESS VALUATION – For business owners and investors who are dissatisfied with the price and valuations provided by investment banks. We provide an affordable and independent valuation based on years of research and experience that will help you in determining the value of your business. Unlike others we can do this valuation based on only public information, if requested, and don’t have any conflict of interest that investment banks might have.

Our valuations include:

  • Summary of company and attractiveness relative to other companies
  • Business description
  • Board related corporate governance review and institutional ownership
  • Attractiveness of the company relative to all other investable stocks in the country/region/global
  • Global financial benchmarking relative to all sector peers of similar size
  • Forecast for the next 5 years and its underlying assumptions
  • Valuation based on discounted cash flow models and based on relative multiples
  • Sensitivity analysis with regards to company specific variables
  • Our value estimate
  • Additional requests from you


DEMING MANAGEMENT METHOD – In his latest book, Andrew Stotz, CFA, breaks down Dr. Deming’s revolutionary 14 Points into a simple, concise book that will help you transform your business. Some topics covered include: the futility of inspecting to improve quality, the need for elimination of performance appraisals, the damage caused by sub-optimization, and the need for focus on total quality management.


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