The Star: Winning combination

by A.Stotz Team, May 14, 2016

  Fortress Capital partners A Stotz to invest in world-class firms THE worst of times produces the best of opportunities. The same can be said of troubled times when markets experience sell-offs and an upsurge in volatility, which some feel is a good time to launch funds and look for … Continue reading

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The Star: Of free markets and investing

by A.Stotz Team, May 14, 2016

The colourful Andrew Stotz is an award-winning analyst who has been a university lecturer and equity analyst in Thailand since 1993. He has more than two decades of experience in equity strategy and company research. In an interview with StarBizWeek, Stotz explains what the FVMR framework is all about and states … Continue reading

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ASIA ASSET MANAGEMENT: Fortress Capital partners A. Stotz to launch Asian equity fund

by A.Stotz Team, April 14, 2016

In view of the recent volatility and sell-offs in emerging markets which have resulted in mispricing, Fortress Capital Asset Management (FCAM) is capitalising on the climate of uncertainty by partnering with A. Stotz Investment Research (ASIR) to build a portfolio dedicated to quality Asian companies. FCAM has introduced the Fortress … Continue reading

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by A.Stotz Team, April 13, 2016

FVMR stands for Fundamentals, Value, Momentum and Risk and is an investing methodology developed by Andrew Stotz looking at a number of factors when investing. Interestingly stock screening methods involve active trading while Andrew is also a believer of the passive school. We get into his head of how he … Continue reading

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Bloomberg Business: Can Thai Junta Convince Investors It Knows What It’s Doing?

by A.Stotz Team, February 4, 2016

Andrew is quoted for his opinion on the current state of Thai politics.  “The turnoff of the coup-appointed military junta just makes it easy to write off Thailand for direct investment in the near term, said Andrew Stotz, chief executive officer of Bangkok-based A. Stotz Investment Research and former head … Continue reading

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Bloomberg TV: Bangkok bombing unlikely to be political strike

by A.Stotz Team, February 2, 2016

Andrew Stotz, chief executive officer of A. Stotz Investment Research in Bangkok, talks about the bomb attack that killed at least 19 people in the city’s central shopping district (17 August 2015), and its implications for the nation’s economy. He speaks with Angie Lau on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” Click … Continue reading

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US NEWS: 4 Stock Sectors to Watch in 2016

by A.Stotz Team, December 3, 2015

Andrew comments on the healthcare sector as one to watch in 2016. ” ‘Western health care companies are just discovering expansion opportunities in Asia,’ says Andrew Stotz, an equities analyst for two decades who now heads A. Stotz Investment Research in Thailand.” Read the full article


by A.Stotz Team, November 20, 2015

Andrew suggests investors should make a financial plan. 1) Aim for simplicity. A simple plan followed is infinitely better than a complex, comprehensive, plan that is shelved. 2) Consider the following six areas: Your investment and retirement horizon, how much money you will need, how much you should contribute on … Continue reading

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TradeVenue: Interview in Swedish with our Portfolio Strategist Alexander Wetterling about the Asian equity markets

by A.Stotz Team, November 14, 2015

A Swedish interview. Aktieinkomster interviewed our Portfolio Strategist Alexander Wetterling, CIPM about the current state of Asian equity markets, with a particular focus on China’s future. Alexander also offers five tips for successful investing. Read the full article

Asia Asset Management: Finding new opportunities

by A.Stotz Team, November 10, 2015

Andrew comments on setting standards during the Asset Management’s 8th Annual Thailand Roundtable. He pointed out that after about 20 years, Thailand has about 400 CFA charter holders employed in all areas of the country’s financial services industry. Which means around 45,000 people are licensed to sell financial products in … Continue reading

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DNA of a World Class Company Challenges Conventional Wisdom

DNA of a World Class Company Challenges Conventional Wisdom

by Alex, October 12, 2015

The World Class Company Awards in Asia announced on October 10 revealed that two of the best companies in Asia are also the best in their sector globally. STP&I (STPI TB), a Thai distribution and service agent for mechanical equipment, is one of them. From interviews with the company?s managing … Continue reading

AdvisorPerspectives: Despite Recent Downturn, Healthcare is the Investment of the Decade

by A.Stotz Team, October 12, 2015

Here Andrew advises that if you are looking for a long-term investment, to focus on healthcare-related stocks, which are driven by higher life expectancy and a corresponding rise in lifestyle illnesses. His academic research suggests that the average investor should hold 10 stocks in their portfolio to increase diversity and … Continue reading

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Press Release: The 10 Best Companies in Asia

by A.Stotz Team, October 10, 2015

A. Stotz Investment Research (ASIR) Announces Its Asian Top Ten ‘World Class Company Award’ Winners To identify the 10 winners, ASIR considered the position of about 5,000 Asian firms in 10 sectors: Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples,Energy, Health Care, Industrials, Information Technology, Materials,Real Estate, Telecommunication Services and Utilities. Bangkok, Thailand, October 10, … Continue reading

Seeking Alpha: 6 Best ETFs To Buy And Hold For The Next Decade From 6 Investment Strategists

by A.Stotz Team, October 7, 2015

Andrew has researched 1,200 healthcare companies globally and concludes that the sector is one of the most defensive. It hasn’t shown a loss for the past 18 years and, because of these trends, offers strong growth potential. Over this period, emerging markets’ healthcare company earnings have grown about 16% annually … Continue reading

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The Money Tree Investing Podcast: MTI056 – Emerging Markets and Market Volatility

by A.Stotz Team, September 9, 2015

From October 2015, a podcast episode in which Andrew Stotz talks about the impact of volatility and emerging markets on investing. He gives tips on what to do when the market volatility is high and looks at how other countries can also impact markets. He discusses the effects of China’s … Continue reading

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